Handling of Excises Cargoes

Dealing with excise cargo.

General trailing load of SIA "TĀLBERGS" are excise cargo ( Alcohol and Tabaco ). We perform the following operations with excise cargo:

  • Transporting goods ( by road. rail or by sea.);
  • Accepting and delivery of excise cargoes;
  • Sorting excise cargoes of EU and non - EU status;
  • Labeling of excuse products with tax strips and self - sticking labels;
  • Custom clearance formalities;
  • Receiving excise labels , stickers and custom clearance formalities for import alcaholes for Latvia;
  • Sorting, packaging and weighing of of the cargo;
  • Checking and examination of cargo;
  • Release of excise goods in free circulation;
  • Gronting of deferment of excise tax;

At the disposal of SIA "TĀLBERGS" there is a customs and excise warehouse within the limits of Rīga. Total storing cargo held covered l.

As tax strips and stickers are pasted manually, that makers it possible to prevent from manufacturing defeats. Stickers are printed on up-to-date offbeat printing. Our staff members keep constantly clean and monitor the right location (disposition) of excise labels and it's stamping on the bottle.

Product marking is preformed according to the specification, given by the client, where the range of labels and precise nomination of the product are specified. We use self - sticking labels device at the workplace. At the moment, we are marking 4 vehicles a day, using Russian and Ukrainan self - adhesive labels or 2 Vehicles a day, if we use non-sticky labels.